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At Hexahedron Studios, we strive to put the creator and creation first. We are a multi-national collective of individuals who are passionate about storytelling and creativity. With a wide range of skills, our goal is to bring new stories and worlds to life in games and media.

Our objective is simple: To create new worlds and tell stories through a myriad of artistic mediums, and encourage creators with us to expand beyond their imagined limits. 


In early 2018, a group of Bionicle enthusiasts were hard at work producing a passion-project tabletop role-playing game set in the sprawling LEGO property’s universe.  That RPG was titled “Doronai Nui”, and the group was called Red Star Games.  It was here that several creatives met, united by their love of an old and abandoned toy franchise, and a passion for creating new and exciting things.  Among these individuals were Isaac Muir, Bennett Salter, Matthew Griffith, Charles Grueiro, Peter Herrmann, and Jeremy Thomas, as well as friend of the project, Nash Calvert.


In the Autumn of the same year, Isaac Muir, also known as Muircat, was down on his luck, recently fired from his day job, and scarcely finding inspiration for his arts, especially in story-telling and music.  Amidst drowning his sorrows in substances, he was suddenly struck with inspiration for a new world through which he could tell a myriad of stories.  A month after this, Muir would further deliberate and expound upon this narrative world, which he called “Colony”, with another of his friends at.  Muir would further form the overall feeling and themes within the world, and over the course of the following year, would occasionally create additions to the short form document he and his in-the-know friends had been jotting notes down in.


Roughly a year after Colony’s initial conception, the project leads in Red Star Games began discussing expanding their creative work into new and original properties.  Muir was eager to showcase the work he had put into Colony thus far, and many of the project leads showed interest in the world.  It was at this point that several of them hopped on board and started working together with Muir to begin flourishing and formulating the numerous and ever-expanding details of the ambitious world they had seeded.


Sometime in the Summer of 2020, Muir would officially separate from Red Star Games along with the Colony project, and many of the creators who were on-board remained to help in its development.  After much deliberation, the whole group decided it would be best to turn their rag-tag creative team into an employee owned company, and after even more deliberation and work, they came to the formation of Hexahedron Studios in the Autumn of 2021.



Isaac Muir | Founder | Composer | Colony Project Lead

Isaac Muir, also known by his musical stage name “Muircat,” is a multi-faceted creator in music, writing, and filmmaking, with some experience and general knowledge in a great variety of other arts.  A storyteller first and foremost, Muir has devoted much of his life to better understanding the long history of humanity’s deep psychological need for expressing inherent truths about ourselves within the realms of legend and myth.  These many outlets and insights into our collective expressions of love and hate, courage and cowardice, and our looming desire to become more than what we currently are, both as individuals and as a species, has driven Muir to where he is now; heading a new company of like-minded and diversely talented individuals who are hell-bent on bringing new life into the long tradition of expressing our oldest truths through new and original worlds that are meticulously hand-crafted with passion and authenticity.  Muir’s present project, Colony, garners opportunities to tell interesting and unique stories that may only be able to be told within that world, and Muir has an insatiable desire to discover them all.

(Photography by Kristina Ronstadt)


To become the makers of worlds where others may visit and see the fruits of our labors.  To create these new worlds beyond the status quo of this reality.  To explore these new worlds in fantastical ways through stories, games, music, and art of all kinds.  To escape to them as a relief from the troubles of the real world, and to learn from them to gain perspective of what truly matters within that real world.  To create a community that will thrive in generating emergent opportunities for all people to participate in, contribute to, and experience the content that is born under this entity.  To make these worlds so that their content meets and exceeds the standards we hold in regards to their quality, their entertainment value, and the development cycle they undergo.


“The things I make may be for others,
but how I make them is for me.”
-Tony Konovaloff

Our standard of creativity is to encourage our collaborators to not fear whether their voices will be heard.  We desire artists and creators from all mediums to feel appreciated when they work with us, and will do all that we are able to ensure that the environments we facilitate are enjoyable to collaborate and work in.  We will strive to critique fairly and honestly, without jab or ire aimed at the artist’s person, and will ensure they are given ample opportunity to adjust pieces, whether it be the fault of a mishap, miscommunication, or a missing of the mark.  We will strive to ensure that any work made for a project under our eye will not go to waste, and that if the originator of any piece that did not make it into the final product desires it, we will find a reasonable way to release it into the world to be seen, read, or heard.

To each, their own voice, their own hand.  To each, their own word, their own mark, their own note.  To each, their own vision, their own passion, their own love.  To each, a stage, a podium, a wall, on which they graciously display a piece of themselves.  For what is art that sits in the dark, unheard, unseen, unread, but an eagle in a cage?

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