Hexahedron is a dedicated, multi-vocational team who are currently pouring their hearts and souls into bringing the world of Colony to life, with countless more worlds in the future.


Isaac Muir

Founder | Composer | Colony Project Lead

Isaac Muir, also known by his musical stage name “Muircat,” is a multi-faceted creator in music, writing, and filmmaking, with some experience and general knowledge in a great variety of other arts.  A storyteller first and foremost, Muir has devoted much of his life to better understanding the long history of humanity’s deep psychological need for expressing inherent truths about ourselves within the realms of legend and myth.  These many outlets and insights into our collective expressions of love and hate, courage and cowardice, and our looming desire to become more than what we currently are, both as individuals and as a species, has driven Muir to where he is now; heading a new company of like-minded and diversely talented individuals who are hell-bent on bringing new life into the long tradition of expressing our oldest truths through new and original worlds that are meticulously hand-crafted with passion and authenticity.  Muir’s present project, Colony, garners opportunities to tell interesting and unique stories that may only be able to be told within that world, and Muir has an insatiable desire to discover them all.

(Photography by Kristina Ronstadt)

Robert Jensen

Co-Founder | Game Development

Hi, I'm Bobby. If it isn't apparent as the co-founder and lead designer of games, I am obsessed with dice and card game systems, as well as the massive swath of video games that I've played since my childhood. Eventually I got into modding & emulation for electronics, both software and hardware, which lead me back around to also playing games on the tabletop again a few years after becoming an adult. The challenge for me has always been in taking current systems and making my own homebrewed gameplay on top of others like D&D and Pathfinder, and at some point I realized I would rather try my hand at an original, stylized, and unique form of gameplay that I had full control of from the start. This much has already been accomplished with Colony, and I don't plan on stopping after it is done. That is, between cooking good meals with my fiancé, and soon-to-be wife, Tessa VerMilyea; as well as giving love to our two puppies Gillie and Guster and our two fancy rats Tino and Gene. I also work on some random hobby and side projects with friends and supporters through my patreon, which will give you a full rundown with my shameless plug here, and vice-versa:

(Photography by Kristina Ronstadt)


James Patch

Business Consultant | Benefactor

James Patch, Man of Leisure™, is a card game entrepreneur, writer, and content creator.


He can be found on discord and on twitch @humaniteatv.

Nash Calvert

Business & Marketing Consultant

Writer, Composer, Manager, Creator, Community Manager.  For the better part of the last decade, Calvert has dove deeply into all manner of creative pursuits and ventures.  Prior to joining Hexahedron, he worked as a community manager & occasional host for a relatively large Youtube Channel, freelanced as a social media manager, and worked with Muir to record and release “The Prairie Sessions,” in addition to acting as his part time Manager (when Muir needs a break).  Fortunately, after being laid off at the onset of the Pandemic and returning to school to finish his degree, the opportunity arose to work on Colony – among other Hexahedron projects – and he just couldn’t say no.

As one of Hexahedron’s creatives and Business Consultants, and indeed its resident Canadian, Nash wears quite a few different hats – exactly how he likes it.


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