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For millennia, the Sektan races of the earth have lived a long and bloody history of wars over land, personal disputes, and religious zealotry. But in this moment, their world is at peace between most peoples and nations, and trade and culture are thriving...


But how long can it last?


Living in colossal mountains of piled earth, the Fora are a clever and industrious people, with a number of tribes taking on and perfecting a plethora of cultivation and agricultural techniques and practices.  As examples, the Po Fora specialize in growing plentiful crops for the harvesting of seeds and grain, as well as the cultivation of various mushrooms and fungi, while the Lin Fora are renowned for their mastery over beasts and their domestication.  But while they may appear at first as simple farmers, do not underestimate their ferocity in battle, both as individuals and in their great and vast numbers.

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Beneath the forest floor, a system of tree roots interconnect with each other, establishing the foundation upon which the Tera build their super colonies.  Carving away wood and soil, these hard-working people build for themselves mighty underground cities, and have created a culture tied close to the values of family and equality.  Amongst their customs, an artisanal practice common among them includes the mining and crafting of amber.  This valuable resource can be crafted into jewelry, decoration, and above all, weaponry, as amber holds a mystical property of warding and harming monsters.  While the Tera are a peace-loving people, they are ready and willing to sacrifice their own chitin to defend their home, their queen, and their way of life.


High in the forest canopies, one can spy golden fortresses where hives of Apoi have built their empire.  Swarm after swarm can be seeing soaring from the gates of the hive, some fleets of pollen ensilers hunting for the precious treasure of flowers with which they brew their honey, while others are legions of fierce Valkir, guarding and protecting both the skies and the forest floors below.  While their actions seems noble, the Apoi are a prideful and secretive people, distrusting of the other races, and indulging in their own motives.  In spite of this, they still are open to trade with other peoples, as their honey and wax artisans give them ample bargaining power in the complex political power plays at work behind the era of peace in which they now live.

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Though not an uncommon sight, one will often gaze in awe and wonder at the visage of a Ro in passing encounters.  With large, beautiful, and imposing wings, these mages are rumored to belong to a long lineage blessed by Es in the time when all peoples resided at the Mother Tree.  With spells emblazoned upon their wings, and power flowing at their fingertips, they often are recruited as courtesans of nobility and royalty, acting as advisors, diplomats, and protectors of their adoptive houses.  It is, however, a long sought mystery of the location of their college in which they spend many years studying and training for their time and positions in court.  Though peaceful and gentle, the Ro are not to be trifled with, as the power they hold is unlike anything the other races are capable of wielding.


Though not secretive, the Manta seclude themselves away in quiet monasteries, toiling away at centering themselves through deliberate manual labor, the weaving of silk cloth, the charting of the cosmos, and the perfection of the Art.  This Art is a style of combat developed by the Manta exclusively for the defense of others and themselves.  This martial art is proprietary to the Manta, as all its forms require the use of the Manta's naturally bladed arms.  As stated previously, the Manta also build grand observatories atop their monastery structures, charting and recording the movement of the stars.  It was with this information that the Manta constructed a yearly calendar, as well as use the movements of the wanderers to interpret prophecy.  It was from one of their own prophets that came about the revelation of the Monarch, a savior who would one day come to guide all peoples back to the presence of the Mother Tree.

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In darker places in the world, the Het hide themselves away as they toil in secret with their alchemical experiments, using knowledge and power from an ancient source of evil to further their scientific studies.  Legend says that long ago, these folk were once like the Ro, but a deal with the devil left them with only a shadow of the power and might they once wielded.  Today, their nomadic covens scour the lands in search of ingredients, a place to call home, and above all, the truth.